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These are the features includes with our eCommerce plan

  • Customer list.
  • Customer profile.
  • Customer group.
  • Order list.
  • Status order update.
  • Payment record.
  • Auto-invoice generations (send to client email and admin downloadable record).
  • Shipping address.
  • Product list.
  • Pack of product
    Product with combinations of other products.
  • Standard product
    • Product with variations
    • Product with non-variations
  • Quantities available
    This feature will make sure you never run out of stock upon order.
  • Minimum quantity order
    Pre set if the items must be purchased 2 or more units.
  • Low stock level
    An email will be sent as reminder to you if stock below the pre-set number.
  • Out of stock notifications
    Auto generated message when product is out of stock
    Example: Product will be available “Date”
  • Set the shipping charges based on weight or size.
  • Multiple courier available.
  • Set the delivery time estimations.
  • Retail price with or without tax settings.
  • Cost set for auto profit calculations.
  • Specific price
    • Group: Different customer group different price.
    • Period date:
      Set specific price for specific period of date.
  • Discount code generator.
  • Specific customer discount.
  • Specific discount date.
  • Minimum amount discount.
  • Limited discount available & for each user.
  • Specific customer group discount.
  • Specific product discount.
  • Specific carrier discount.
  • Free shipping discount.
  • Percentage, amount or free gift discount type.


We provide the best service for you

We will update the module to make sure your store is running without problem. 

An assistant will be provided to assist you how to use the features.

A person dedicated to manage your store
(chargeable based on inquiries).

Developments Process

How we do it ?


Payment & Register

Sign up with payment.

You will receive an invoice with customer portal access link.



Our developer will contact you with the developments progress.

Developments normally will take 30 days (working days).


Launch Your Website

Your website is ready to be launched. We will advice you with online marketing plan to encourage more sales and how to utilised your website.

Extra Services

Extra services & benefit.

Outsource Managements

Need staff to handle your store ? We have dedicated person for you.

Order managements, inventory managements, Graphic designer, Marketing consultants.

Let us know what you need.

Add on Services, Features or 3rd Party Integrations

We can develop special feature for you or integrations with 3rd party.

Separate charges will be quoted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Developments is estimated to be completed within 30 working days, however it is depending on media we have received from our client.

Add pages or amendments will be charged starting from RM50 per pages.

Depending on content or design.

Your website will put under payment pending notice.

We will provide website developer for your convenient.

We will provide plugin updates and specific plugin license.

We are PDPA 2010 Act Comply & our customer is protected with our privacy policy.

Macoob Intelligence reserved the right to terminate your subscriptions without notice if found guilty with illegal business, complaint and criminals.

Price revisions is every 12 months with 1 month notice.

Developments file and database is only for one off developments package.

CPANEL access is not allowed, customer will be liable to any damage if found.

Extra charges will be applied for support or damage assistance.