Website Developments

The Importance of Wesbsite

A website is crucial: it builds credibility, showcases products, reaches a broader audience, and saves time and resources. It can also establish trust, provide information, and impact growth, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation.

Professional Online Presence

A professional website is crucial for businesses, as it adds credibility, improves customer experience, enables 24/7 engagement, and helps refine digital marketing strategies.

Reach Larger Audience

Website success can be achieved through SEO, social media, PPC, content and influencer marketing. Optimizing content for search engines, building a social media presence and using targeted ads can increase brand awareness and generate organic traffic for growth.

Sharing Information

A website showcases a business, builds trust, boosts visibility, and promotes products/services to strengthen relationships with clients and partners.

Improving Communication

A website improves business communication by offering speedy contact, product information, instant responses to common concerns, and updates on news, events, and offers. This improves customer satisfaction and builds loyalty.

Online Sales

A website with appealing displays, easy checkout, and payment options is a sales tool. Targeted email campaigns, blogs, and social media attract customers. Optimized descriptions and backlinks increase search engine visibility and sales.

Business Credebility

Improve website credibility by having a professional design, accurate content, secure transactions, testimonials and company information.

Website Subscriptions Plan

No setup fee worth RM1,300 above
Only subscriptions with maintenance.



per month

Plan Code: WDSV1.0

Need a website ? No need for extra thousands of investment.

Mandatory to use Card for monthly basis
Cash for Yearly basis.

We provide website developments & design tailored with your business nature for 5 pages.

We will provide a dedicated personal website developer & designer as your assistant.

We will provide self editing platform if you need to update yourself or immediate contact updates.

We will provide technical updates & monitoring.

We will provide plugin updates & monitoring.

Desktop design and mobile design will be smoothly change.

We will provide SSL Certificate for your website safety and trust for your website visitors.

Able to connect to your WhatsApp business or personal number.

Special custom online form for you.

We will provide daily website back up. Only for .com domain.

We will connect your website with your Facebook page.

Everyting you post on your Facebook page will be on your website too.

Need custom or special feature ? Let us know and discuss further.

How does the developments ?

We offer custom and up to date developments process.


Sign Up

Simply just sign up through the button provided. Complete the form and payment.



Our company representative will immediately respond to your account within 24 hours.


Deliver & Online

Your website will be under developments after we have received your payment after 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Developments is estimated to be completed within 30 working days, however it is depending on media we have received from our client.

Add pages or amendments will be charged starting from RM50 per pages.

Depending on content or design.

Your website will put under payment pending notice.

We will provide website developer for your convenient.

We will provide plugin updates and specific plugin license.

We are PDPA 2010 Act Comply & our customer is protected with our privacy policy.

Macoob Intelligence reserved the right to terminate your subscriptions without notice if found guilty with illegal business, complaint and criminals.

Price revisions is every 12 months with 1 month notice.

Developments file and database is only for one off developments package.

CPANEL access is not allowed, customer will be liable to any damage if found.

Extra charges will be applied for support or damage assistance.

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